This is a 48-minute musical kiddie flick starring Cat Stevens as a guest singer. It premiered November 21, 2017 on the CMC and features 4 60's tunes for kids.

Plot Edit

The Beat Bugs are on The Bug factor (X factor for insects) hosted by the Queen Bee (Ashleigh Ball.)

Songs Edit

Ticket to Ride Remix

I Want to Hold Your hand

Here Comes The Sun

All Together Now


Jay and Queen Bee-Ashleigh Ball

Singing Jay-Andy Bull

Kumi and The Mom-Erin Williams

Singing Kumi-Lisa Mitchell

Buzz, Julia and The Baby-Rebecca Husain

Singing Buzz-Gossling

Walter and Teddy-Charles Demers and Daniel Johns

Crick-Lilli Beaudoin and Sullivan

Mr. Sun-Michael Caton

Singing Mr. Sun-Cat Stevens

Mr. Kite-Michael Dobson

Alex-Fred Ewanuick

Freda-Shannon Kent

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