Founded in 1997 as CMN Magazine Publishing Corp and renamed to coincide with the renaming of the CMN channel to the CMC channel, CMC Magazines produces SUN RAYS and CANARY magazines, encouraging music appreciation among families with easy to read articles that don't use preachy, condescending baby talk.


Since 1997, "SUN RAYS: THE FAMILY MUSIC MAGAZINE" has entertained and educated children, teenagers and parents with music reviews (complete with the team's favourite songs on every special bonus tape and later, CD), The CMC (formerly CMN) Guide (showing episodes and times for kids' and grown ups' favorite shows) and lyrics to learn.

The first issue of Bubbles featured the hosts of the channel, Peter A. and Jim The Belush as their animated alter egos as well as Tone Loc as C Bear. This issue and its tape are uncommon and complete with "in character autographs" as well as a special note on the container insert of the premiere issue's CD reading "WE LOVE YOU! HUGS FROM TEAM CMN AND THE BUBBLES TEAM."

Canary Mag Edit

Since 1999, Canary Mag is the very best name to remember in girl power music. CJ the DJ, Australian cartoon character, is the mascot. The former mascot was Cara Canary. Favorite songs are chosen by girls and women in an online poll and put on a mixed tape, later a mixed CD. The cover model for the first issue was Lois Young from Newark, Delaware, with an autograph saying: "LOVE YOU! FROM LOIS Y." The premiere issue is uncommon along with its tape.

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